Adam Zawierucha

Vote for me for Honor Council Junior Representative 

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Three Reasons Why



I have served on the Honor Council for two years. I have adjudicated countless cases on behalf of the Council.



In some cases, the consensus penatly structure doesn't fit the violation. I argue and vote for the appropriate penalty.



I make my decisions without bias or prejudice. I uphold Rice's Honor Code, while ensuring students are treated fairly.

I am a Sophomore Mathematics & Computer Science Major at Brown College who is passionate about making the right decisions on the Honor Council. Hopefully we never have to meet in the Honor Council room. Vote for me! I love and respect this position.

Some Case Abstracts

"Council members believed that a preponderance of the evidence supported that a violation occurred because the student made his code available to the public and accessible by Google"

Case #30, Fall 2019


"Student A agreed with the letter of accusation, stating that she did copy the online source for her homework and submitted it as her own work."

"Student A’s roommate had stolen his exam from the exam room and planted it in the shared room..."

Don't Forget to Vote

Election ends on Feburary 26th. Make sure to vote for me and for other candidates for next year. Let your voice be heard!